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Deleting these!

This is a hasty update. Basically, I need to delete a bunch of files from my comp, to make room for more files. So the bad news is this: I WILL NOT re-up these files (which is why I'm using Rapidshare for the longer time, but DO NOT complain to me about slow download times, I can't control that). The good news is that you get a bunch of musical goodness that I would probably take the next 10 years to upload around the place.

INSTRUCTIONS ON USING RAPIDSHARE: If you've used rapidshare before, proceed to the files. If you haven't, you'll probably be confused. But luckily it's not difficult to use. Once you click on the link provided, a page will open up, go down and click on the FREE button. This will open up to the download page. Scroll down. You will have to wait as the server lines it up for downloading. But that's it. That's all you have to know.

Artist: Lexy.
Comments: I promised zhongwenmp3 that I'd upload these MVs for her. So here they are! Lexy is a Korean singer, who some people have compared to Missy Elliott. I agree with that comparison only in that Lexy's voice is deep and full of attitude like Missy E; however, Lexy is skinnier, sexier and not as ... motherly looking (if you could ever say that Missy E is motherly looking). Unfortunately my MV for "Girls" is nowhere to be seen (I think I deleted it b/c of its high skankiness content), so I just want to apologise to Joye for not upping it like I said I would.
MV 1: Let Me Dance (ft. Teddy); 27.9MB WMV file; why i love this mv ... because Lexy is gorgeous. Despite the clubbing scene featured here, it's not too skanky. And there's some great dance moves shown off here. Plus! Lexy's rapping is awesome.
MV 2: Oath (ft. Wheesung); 20.9MB WMV file; why i love this mv ... because Lexy is gorgeous here (again). I don't want to spoil the ending (which is rather surprising), but I will say that it is rather plot-y and Lexy's sexiness as a female assassin knows no bounds.
MV 3: Very Young (ft. PSY); 28.2MB WMV file; why i love this mv ... because Lexy looks damn good in a pinstripe suit. Man, I wish I could look that hot. Besides Lexy's hotness, this MV also features some very cute/hot/drool-worthy Asian men -- the MV is about Lexy evaluating each type of guy e.g. the rebel, the rich man, the uber-intelligentsia, the photographer, etc. And PSY? I swear this was the MV that made me fall in love with him. He's too cute/funny!

Artist: Tanya Chua
KTV: My Colour TV Set; 43.9MB MPEG file.
Comment: I love Tanya. She has an awesome voice and is very talented -- she wrote the English lyrics and the melody for this song. I put up the song file at cpop, and forgot to put up the KTV. Here it is. Favourite line: What is it about those pretty boys? HAHAHAHA, is love! Seriously get this if you love Tanya. I'm looking forward to buying her "Jupiter" album after sampling it online. She's just so incredibly talented.

Artist: Coco Lee
Song: So Crazy
Comments: I translated the lyrics for this song and they're up at chinesesongs. So here I present the song (4.48MB MP3 file), the MV (21.0MB WMV file), and the remix (5.35MB MP3 file). Personally, I prefer the remix song because the rap in the remix fits the song better in terms of lyrical content. This is one of the better Coco songs, my favourite of hers would have to be "dao ma dan", which she translated to "actress versed in swordplay". I might one day upload it (if I ever find the MV to go along with the music file). The "So Crazy" MV is trippy. Check out Coco's hair -- in some shots she looks like a poodle. And for some odd reason there are some scenes in this MV that make me think of Britney Spears ... -shudder-.

Artist: At17
Album: Meow Meow Meow
Comments: This duo is a helluva lot better than some of the recent female duos that have come out. They're with People Mountain People Sea Productions, which is the label that the soft indie-bands of Hong Kong tend to be with. This album is mostly sung in Cantonese with the exception of Track 6 (cat-speak), Track 11 (English), Track 12 (Mandarin). I'm uploading zipped files of the album (all MP3 song-files), because ayunited once requested more by this duo and I never got around to it; until now.
Download: Tracks 1-4; Tracks 5-8; Tracks 9-12. Recommended songs: Track01 The Best is Yet to Come, Track05 you have your own (so funky), Track06 Meow Meow Meow (the harmonising here is incredible), Track07 to sing a song (so catchy), Track11 Can't Get You Out of My Head (yes, this is a cover of Kylie's song, but with a twist. It's acoustic, and I think there's bongos in the background?), Track12 xing xing (stars) (their pronunciation in all three languages is excellent and this Mandarin song is really nice to relax to).
Tracklist: Yesasia.com link

Finally, two random songs that I transferred from my old dilapidated computer.

Akeboshi - Hey There ... Akeboshi are the group (or is the guy?) that sings the ending theme: Wind, for Naruto. I heard that the Cartoon Network as done Naruto up for American consumption and those who've seen the commercials are cringing. See here. (Japanese; 5.02MB; MP3 file.)

m-flo loves YOSHIKA - let go ... m-flo is love. This song is a lot slower than their usual fare, but the lyrics are still so touching. I love it. In fact, I love all of m-flo's stuff. If you ever want to make me happy, send me an m-flo song or MV. (Japanese; 5.47MB; MP3 file.)

That's all folks!

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