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Non-update Update Part 1.

I know I said that I wouldn't update until the end of the year, but this isn't exactly an update.

You have my old crappy computer to thank for the next couple of uploads here.

Said old crappy computer is about to explode on me. Unfortunately I have tonnes of music and some videos on the beast. What makes everything infinitely worse is that it doesn't have a working USB drive, nor a burner. So the only way to transfer all that music is ...

You guessed it, through the internet.

Now, since it'd be a pity to waste all the links, I'm sharing the love here.

On to the music!


Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Artist: 阿朵 (A duo) picture here
Album: 盛开 (sheng kai/in full bloom)
Language: Mandarin
01: 盛开 (sheng kai/in full bloom)
02: 想念自己 (xiang nian zi ji/missing myself)
03: 再见,卡门 (zai jian, ka men/good-bye, Carmen)
04: 烟花 (yan hua/fireworks)
05: 潜水 (qian shui/dive)
06: 阿朵 (a duo)
07: 改变 (gai bian/change)
08: 故事 (gu shi/story)
09: 他走了 (ta zou le/he’s left)
10: 想念自己 (Instrumental)

Download: FULL ALBUM (YSI link)
File: ZIP; 54.6MB; WMA song files.
Comments: I love A duo’s voice. She reminds me of a more pop Sun Yan Zi (Stefanie). What I mean by that is, they have the same strong voice and interesting music, but A duo’s music has more of a R&B; dance flavour. By dance, I don’t mean techno ... it’s just got a catchy upbeat tempo that you can dance to, while Stefanie’s catchy upbeats are more along the lines of rock. Definitely worth checking out. Personal favourite: track 3.

Artist: Coco Lee
Album: Exposed
Language: English
01: Step In
02: No Doubt ft. Blaaze
03: Gotta Clue ft. Joon Park (of G.O.D)
04: Hush
05: So Good
06: Touch
07: Rock It
08: All Around the World
09: Belly Dance
10: Cool ft. Joon Park (G.O.D)
11: Music We Make
12: No Doubt ft. Joon Park (G.O.D)
13: Magic Words

Download: FULL ALBUM (YSI link)
File: ZIP; 21.1MB; WMA song files.
Comments: Uh, since I’ll try not to rant, I won’t say much. Not worth buying. Feel free to download.

MVs, PVs, KTVs: Michael Wang x2; Michelle &Vicki x2; Nakashima Mika x3.

Artist: 光良 (guang liang/Michael Wang)
Song: 童话 (tong hua/fairytale) ... High quality MPEG; 77MB OR Low quality WMV; 18.4MB (YSI links)
Song: 第一次 (di yi ci/the first time) (YSI link; 57.6MB; MPEG video file)
Language: Mandarin
Comments: I don’t know much about Michael, but I do know he’s one heck of an artist. He’s not much to look at, but that’s all right, it’s his music we love. As I understand it, he used to be in a duo that was called: Victor & Michael. Or something like that. Both members have since split and become solo artists. I think Victor has released an album this year. Anyhoo, both MVs here are heavily plot-based. Even if you can’t understand the Chinese, I think you’d still enjoy it. For the latter MV (the first time), there’s a fair bit of Chinese, which I shall translate (loosely):

Michael: This is the first time I'll say to her: I like you.
M (turns to girl): I like you.
Girl: (spits out drink). HA HA HA (fake laugh).
G (to M): I didn't hear you just before. Why don't you quickly forget it (forget what you said). Bye bye.
M: I guess I can only be a brother-figure type of friend to her.
G: (... um, I have no idea what she says, it sounds like, "you're wrong", but the characters don't match).
... later ...
G: I've lost. I'm out of love. (this phrase is hard to translate, basically she's just been dumped.)
M: Do you want something to drink?
... later ...
M: (thoughts) This is the first time I've held her hand.
G: I'm out of love. (i.e. I've just broken up)
G: I'm going home now.
M (as he drinks from her glass): (thoughts) This is the first time our lips kiss. (SO CUTE!)
... later ...
M: Why are you dressed like that?
G: (thoughts) (no idea what she says, sounds like "he made a mistake again, that idiot", but again the characters don't match).
G: (replies to his question) To find a job.
... later ...
G: I'm dressed like this cause it makes me feel good.
... later ...
M: (thoughts) This is the first time we hold each other (hug).
G: (thoughts) (oh for f***'s sake! I can't understand her. Someone else translate her lines, please!)
... later ...
M: (thoughts) Holy cow! So heavy! (or, "how can she be so heavy?!")
G: (thoughts) (again, she's speaking either dialect, or another language)
... later ...
M: does that taste good? (tries not to laugh)
G: what?
M: nothing.
G: last time we sat here, what was it that you said to me?
M: (spits out his drink) I've forgotten.
G: (kisses him)
M: (tastes the cream) so sweet.
G: Bye bye.
M: (thoughts) I'm such an idiot.
... later ...
G: (yells) last time you were here, what did you say?
M: (yells back) I like you! I really like you!
G: Who do you like?
M: Xiao Su Sen (I think that's the right pinyin)
G: Who likes Xiao Su Sen? (... my god, this girl is starting to really piss me off)
M: Wang Guang Liang (Michael Wang)
M: (thoughts) This is my first time.
G: (thoughts) Hn, mine too. (finally, I can understand the girl!)
... later ...
Text: This is our first time.

Artist: 蜜雪薇琪 (mi xue wei qi/Michelle & Vickie)
Song: Kissy (YSI link; 9.8MB; WMV video file)
Song: 谢谢你 (xie xie ni/thank you) (YSI link; 11MB; WMV video file)
Language: Mandarin
Comments: Michelle & Vickie, are what I’d like to think as a more recent female version of Victor & Michael. They’re very pretty: check them out HERE and HERE. Unfortunately, they’re very manufactured, and unbelievably annoying. In fact, I think Kissy is all about fanservice for the fanboys. In either case, the MVs are bright and easy on the eyes.

Artist: 中島美嘉 (nakashima mika)
Song: Aishiteru (YSI link; 8.67MB; WMV video file)
Song: Love Addict (YSI link; 7.75MB; WMV video file)
Song: Sakura Iro Mau Koro (YSI link; 12.6MB; WMV video file)
Language: Japanese
Comments: Mika is LOVE!!! She’s got a very eclectic music style that I adore. The first MV is track 12 from her second album: LOVE. It’s a beautiful ballad that shows off her voice. The MV features lots of candles. The second MV is also from LOVE; it’s reminiscent of a swinging twenties number. Uber-jazzy, uber stylish – she looks hot in that little black dress. The third is a single released this February from her third album: MUSIC (it’s the first track). It’s so adorable. I have no idea what she’s singing about, but it’s a ballad/pop number that you could easily fall in love with. For those of you who like manga, you may have heard that NANA (by Yazawa Ai, who’s also done Paradise Kiss), is being made into a live action movie. The lead character: Oosaki Nana, is being played by none other than Nakashima Mika.

More to come in Part 2: JJ Lin MVs, eVonne Hsu MVs, G.O.D songs, and more.

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