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WHEE! Update!

OMG?!?! Can it be true? I'm actually updating?

Well, mostly MVs.

Artist ... SHE
Song ... luo da yu (Raining Hard)
Size ... 42.6MB
Format ... MPEG

This MV is hilarious! Hebe as a man with an Afro. I got this off of a karaoke disk, the music quality is fairly good, but the singing text is large on the screen, but it doesn't obscure too much of the action -- though I thought I should warn everyone that it's not the best since the text is fairly large. But it's so worth downloading (if you have a fast connection), just to see Hebe. And the song is so cute! It's very sugary and pop. The lyrics are so cute! "I'm waiting for my hubby to come home. I bought him instant noodles for us to share." ... teeheehee. Hubby. Yeah, that's right, Hebe's character is married/coupled with Selina's character. The only odd thing about this song is that when they sing the phrase "luo da yu", it comes out as "lo da ho" ... does anyone know if this is Cantonese? Cause the rest of the song is proper Mandarin and English. Or maybe it's dialect like in Stef Sun's "Tian Hei Hei", which becomes pronounced as "ti o o".

Artist ... SHE
Song ... Super Star
Size ... MB
Format ... 32.6MPEG

Oh man! I LOVE this song. The MV in itself isn't as fantastic as the first one, but it is pretty cool. Still, I love this song. It's the catchy chorus: "You are electricity, you are light. (I forgot the next line), I only love you. You are my Super Star." Then there's another bit, where they go, "You are god. I worship you ... (something something)." Anyway it's so catchy that you'll be bopping along in no time. It's pop, but with a harder edge like rock or something. Whereas the first one is just cute and fluffy, but also boppable.

Artist ... Angela Chang (sorry, too lazy to put up her Chinese name)
Song ... Mama Mama
Size ... 3.46MB
Format ... WMA

This song is the first track on her Aurora album. It's so cool! I love it to pieces. It's the chorus that really gets you, as well as the speaking part at the end. Angela's basically saying "Mama, stop nagging me. Go find yourself another hobby.*" It's pop -- but in a retro rock kind of way. By the way, while I was in the store, I saw that she had released another album or something. Anyway, there was a track there titled as: Ni Hao, Zhou Jie Lun (i.e. Hello, Jay Zhou). Does anyone know of this track? It's pretty old. If you have it, please send it to me? I think it's supposed to be a spoof or something.

*Go find yourself another hobby, is a loose translation. The text more correctly should be translated to go find yourself something else to do, but I figure hobby sounds better, plus, it rhymes with me.

That's all folks!
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