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Cover Songs (3) ... Leon Lai, As One, Angela Chang

*EDIT* ... files removed.

Eep! I didn't mean to neglect my journals -- stupid exams. Oh well, two updates today. The first is another continuation of the cover songs theme. By the way, if you haven't downloaded the previous update's cover songs, they're still available. I recently acquired a new server, so now I can keep the songs on for longer.

Enjoy the update!


Artist: 黎明 (li ming / Leon Lai)
Song: Can't Take My Eyes Off U
Language: Cantonese and English
File type: MP3 in a zip file (no password)
Download size: 3.67MB
My Thoughts: This is a nice, fun track from his album 北京站 (bei jing zhan / Beijing Station). See, I kept my promise and posted this up ^_^. Although, I was saving this for a much later update but the song that I had intended to upload (A-mei's cover of the Whitney Houston song: I Will Always Love You ... y'know the theme song for "The Bodyguard") was on another computer and I didn't want to keep you good people waiting.

Leon's cover is very pop with a groovelicious beat and the backup singers are so cute, especially when they sing: ba-dup ba-dup ba-da-da-dup, as the song leads into the chorus. Speaking of the chorus, it's so catchy and kinda climactic that I just want to launch into it singing "I love you baby!", along with Leon.

Upbeat and fun, definitely something to enter into a summer soundtrack playlist.


Artist: As One
Song: Loving You
Language: English
File type: MP3 in a zip file (no password)
Download size: 3.23MB
My Thoughts: This Korean pop duo have some of the nicest female vocals I have had the pleasure to listen to. And this track, from their (debut?) album "Day By Day" is no exception. The high notes are spot on and the whole song feels so mellow and lovely that I am instantly reminded of a candlelit dinner by a roaring fire-side. Sexy and romantic.

The ballad opens up with keyboard and a nice jazzy sax. The girls's English is excellent (notice the absence of my Engrish joke?), though it's to be expected since they grew up in the States, or so I'm told. Anyway, I love this song. Absolutely ADORE it!!! Download it now!

Perfect as background music for a home cooked dinner with your significant other.


Artist: 张韶涵 (zhang shao han / Angela Chang)
Song: Somewhere Over the Rainbow
Language: English (or Engrish? ~_^)
File type: MP3 in a zip file (no password)
Download size: 4.70MB
My Thoughts: I like this upload except for one thing ... I have no idea who the singer is. I was looking up information on the Chinese movie "The Miracle Box" when Angela's album cover appeared. Thinking that it was the soundtrack, I looked her up and downloaded this nice song. In hindsight, I should have known that it wasn't the soundtrack, I mean one singer for an entire OST?! As if! But in my defense the album cover and the promotional poster for the movie looked similar -- especially Angela's pose and clothes, it's identical to the main actress's pose on the poster.

Anyway, this song, which was also covered by Crystal Kay (Williams) for her fourth album (4Real) is done very nicely and slowly by Angela. While Crystal's cover is more R&B and has a slightly faster beat, Angela's cover is just as nice but much slower and definitely much more like the original song. To be honest though, I like Crystal Kay's version better. This song is a little too ballad-y for me. Angela has a very nice voice and her English is quite excellent but in parts of this song you can just hear hints of an accent. I recommend this song as something to listen to just before going to bed. It's slow and mellow and just makes you want to relax and snuggle with a giant teddy bear.

Dreamy. Easy listening. Something to play on a relaxing Sunday afternoon or while reading quietly.

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ End Update ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~
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