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O.o;;; *erk*

I've tried really hard to do this... I hope it somewhat works... I've spent a few hours trying to work this out.

And then something happened and my whole comment went down the drain... let's try it again!(all for your amusement, Wyse!)

Artist: Goddess Fantastic Club
Song: Denwa Shite Gan-Chan
CD: Aa! Megami-sama Tokuten Ou +
Language: Japanese (and Gan-chan speaks his own dialect... it's sort of Japanese)
File type: MP3... it may be zipped? I tried.
File size: 4.23 MB
My thoughts: Umm.. it's very cute and sugary. It's a spoof of the first ending for the Mini Goddess series (or the "Being Small is Convenient!" series ^^;). It's Iwata Mitsuo (Gan-chan... who actually refers to himself by the VA's name in the show), Inoue Kikuo (Belldandy), Hisakawa Aya (Skuld... she also does Mizuno Ami's voice!), and Touma Yumi (Urd). It's not that hard telling which voice is who. But overall, it's rather amusing. Lyrics and translations can be found here. They're so mean to Gan-chan... and he's so gullible.

Artist: Meiko Kaji
Song: The Flower of Carnage
CD: Kill Bill Vol. 1 Original Soundtrack
Language: Japanese
File type: MP3... it may be zipped? I tried.
File size: 3.49 MB
My thoughts: I have no idea what the translations are... I've yet to look them up. But anyway, this is from the end of Vol. 1. I was so disappointed that I didn't see Vol. 2. But back to the music. I liked this song.^^ And it's Asian... so I'm posting it here.
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