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Cover Songs (3) ... at17, g.o.d, Leon Lai

*EDIT* ... files removed.

I better get the ball rolling.

Just for kicks, my first music post has the theme: cover songs. The files will be removed at the time of my next post (probably in a month). Hope you like the songs. And remember the rules:

> NO HOTLINKING (If I find or get complaints of hot-linking, I will restrict access to this community.)
> Support the artists! If you like what you hear, buy their albums.
> Leave a comment (this one I'm not too fussed about).


Artist: at17
Song: Can't Get You Out of My Head (lo-fi and mono)
Language: English (or Engrish? ~_^)
File type: MP3 in a zip file (no password)
Download size: 3.41MB
My Thoughts: Well, if you liked the original sung by Kylie Minogue, I doubt you'd like this song. It's just the girls's voices and a guitar and what sounds like a ... bongo drum? So, it's more acoustic than dance. This is a bonus track from their album Meow Meow Meow, which has Cantonese as the predominant language, but there is a track or two in Mandarin. I'll post up the title track to this album later.

Artist: g.o.d (groove overdose, although I've seen it written as groovy overdose)
Song: ? (After You Left Me)
Language: Korean
File type: MP3 in a zip file (no password)
Download size: 3.44MB
My Thoughts: I'm afraid I couldn't find the romanisation of the song name, but I did find the translation of the name along with song lyrics (in Korean), you can read it here. While I'm not entirely sure if it's a cover or not, the melody sounds a lot like the song "Ain't No Sunshine". This is a track from g.o.d's second album: god2.

Artist: ?? (li ming / Leon Lai)
Song: Fly Me to the Moon
Language: English (or Engrish? ~_^)
File type: MP3 in a zip file (no password)
Download size: 2.27MB
My Thoughts: Why does every major (and minor) Asian star have to do a cover of this song? I mean, I love Frank Sinatra and all, but the number of covers of this song by Asian artists is ridiculous. I would like to see one of them do a cover of ... "Witchcraft" for instance. Oh well. I like Leon -- did you know he's a Goodwill Ambassador for UNICEF (United Nations Children's Fund)? Here's the page, in French, and it looks like he either donated or received one and a half million dollars. Anyway, this cover song, along with his cover "Can't Take My Eyes Off U" is on his album ??? (bei jing zhan / Beijing Station). Might post that other song sometime.

That's all folks!
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