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Non-update Update Part 1.

I know I said that I wouldn't update until the end of the year, but this isn't exactly an update.

You have my old crappy computer to thank for the next couple of uploads here.

Said old crappy computer is about to explode on me. Unfortunately I have tonnes of music and some videos on the beast. What makes everything infinitely worse is that it doesn't have a working USB drive, nor a burner. So the only way to transfer all that music is ...

You guessed it, through the internet.

Now, since it'd be a pity to waste all the links, I'm sharing the love here.

On to the music!


Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Artist: 阿朵 (A duo) picture here
Album: 盛开 (sheng kai/in full bloom)
Language: Mandarin
01: 盛开 (sheng kai/in full bloom)
02: 想念自己 (xiang nian zi ji/missing myself)
03: 再见,卡门 (zai jian, ka men/good-bye, Carmen)
04: 烟花 (yan hua/fireworks)
05: 潜水 (qian shui/dive)
06: 阿朵 (a duo)
07: 改变 (gai bian/change)
08: 故事 (gu shi/story)
09: 他走了 (ta zou le/he’s left)
10: 想念自己 (Instrumental)

Download: FULL ALBUM (YSI link)
File: ZIP; 54.6MB; WMA song files.
Comments: I love A duo’s voice. She reminds me of a more pop Sun Yan Zi (Stefanie). What I mean by that is, they have the same strong voice and interesting music, but A duo’s music has more of a R&B; dance flavour. By dance, I don’t mean techno ... it’s just got a catchy upbeat tempo that you can dance to, while Stefanie’s catchy upbeats are more along the lines of rock. Definitely worth checking out. Personal favourite: track 3.

Artist: Coco Lee
Album: Exposed
Language: English
01: Step In
02: No Doubt ft. Blaaze
03: Gotta Clue ft. Joon Park (of G.O.D)
04: Hush
05: So Good
06: Touch
07: Rock It
08: All Around the World
09: Belly Dance
10: Cool ft. Joon Park (G.O.D)
11: Music We Make
12: No Doubt ft. Joon Park (G.O.D)
13: Magic Words

Download: FULL ALBUM (YSI link)
File: ZIP; 21.1MB; WMA song files.
Comments: Uh, since I’ll try not to rant, I won’t say much. Not worth buying. Feel free to download.

MVs, PVs, KTVs: Michael Wang x2; Michelle &Vicki x2; Nakashima Mika x3.

Artist: 光良 (guang liang/Michael Wang)
Song: 童话 (tong hua/fairytale) ... High quality MPEG; 77MB OR Low quality WMV; 18.4MB (YSI links)
Song: 第一次 (di yi ci/the first time) (YSI link; 57.6MB; MPEG video file)
Language: Mandarin
Comments: I don’t know much about Michael, but I do know he’s one heck of an artist. He’s not much to look at, but that’s all right, it’s his music we love. As I understand it, he used to be in a duo that was called: Victor & Michael. Or something like that. Both members have since split and become solo artists. I think Victor has released an album this year. Anyhoo, both MVs here are heavily plot-based. Even if you can’t understand the Chinese, I think you’d still enjoy it. For the latter MV (the first time), there’s a fair bit of Chinese, which I shall translate (loosely):

Michael: This is the first time I'll say to her: I like you.
M (turns to girl): I like you.
Girl: (spits out drink). HA HA HA (fake laugh).
G (to M): I didn't hear you just before. Why don't you quickly forget it (forget what you said). Bye bye.
M: I guess I can only be a brother-figure type of friend to her.
G: (... um, I have no idea what she says, it sounds like, "you're wrong", but the characters don't match).
... later ...
G: I've lost. I'm out of love. (this phrase is hard to translate, basically she's just been dumped.)
M: Do you want something to drink?
... later ...
M: (thoughts) This is the first time I've held her hand.
G: I'm out of love. (i.e. I've just broken up)
G: I'm going home now.
M (as he drinks from her glass): (thoughts) This is the first time our lips kiss. (SO CUTE!)
... later ...
M: Why are you dressed like that?
G: (thoughts) (no idea what she says, sounds like "he made a mistake again, that idiot", but again the characters don't match).
G: (replies to his question) To find a job.
... later ...
G: I'm dressed like this cause it makes me feel good.
... later ...
M: (thoughts) This is the first time we hold each other (hug).
G: (thoughts) (oh for f***'s sake! I can't understand her. Someone else translate her lines, please!)
... later ...
M: (thoughts) Holy cow! So heavy! (or, "how can she be so heavy?!")
G: (thoughts) (again, she's speaking either dialect, or another language)
... later ...
M: does that taste good? (tries not to laugh)
G: what?
M: nothing.
G: last time we sat here, what was it that you said to me?
M: (spits out his drink) I've forgotten.
G: (kisses him)
M: (tastes the cream) so sweet.
G: Bye bye.
M: (thoughts) I'm such an idiot.
... later ...
G: (yells) last time you were here, what did you say?
M: (yells back) I like you! I really like you!
G: Who do you like?
M: Xiao Su Sen (I think that's the right pinyin)
G: Who likes Xiao Su Sen? (... my god, this girl is starting to really piss me off)
M: Wang Guang Liang (Michael Wang)
M: (thoughts) This is my first time.
G: (thoughts) Hn, mine too. (finally, I can understand the girl!)
... later ...
Text: This is our first time.

Artist: 蜜雪薇琪 (mi xue wei qi/Michelle & Vickie)
Song: Kissy (YSI link; 9.8MB; WMV video file)
Song: 谢谢你 (xie xie ni/thank you) (YSI link; 11MB; WMV video file)
Language: Mandarin
Comments: Michelle & Vickie, are what I’d like to think as a more recent female version of Victor & Michael. They’re very pretty: check them out HERE and HERE. Unfortunately, they’re very manufactured, and unbelievably annoying. In fact, I think Kissy is all about fanservice for the fanboys. In either case, the MVs are bright and easy on the eyes.

Artist: 中島美嘉 (nakashima mika)
Song: Aishiteru (YSI link; 8.67MB; WMV video file)
Song: Love Addict (YSI link; 7.75MB; WMV video file)
Song: Sakura Iro Mau Koro (YSI link; 12.6MB; WMV video file)
Language: Japanese
Comments: Mika is LOVE!!! She’s got a very eclectic music style that I adore. The first MV is track 12 from her second album: LOVE. It’s a beautiful ballad that shows off her voice. The MV features lots of candles. The second MV is also from LOVE; it’s reminiscent of a swinging twenties number. Uber-jazzy, uber stylish – she looks hot in that little black dress. The third is a single released this February from her third album: MUSIC (it’s the first track). It’s so adorable. I have no idea what she’s singing about, but it’s a ballad/pop number that you could easily fall in love with. For those of you who like manga, you may have heard that NANA (by Yazawa Ai, who’s also done Paradise Kiss), is being made into a live action movie. The lead character: Oosaki Nana, is being played by none other than Nakashima Mika.

More to come in Part 2: JJ Lin MVs, eVonne Hsu MVs, G.O.D songs, and more.

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OMG, I love You!! *HuGz* I'm really a Big fan of Mika. Thank You so much for uploading her PVs!!! ^______^
taking the Sakurairo Maukoro PV ^_^
thanks much for this! i absolutely adore that dress she was wearing :)
thanks again!
AAAH thank you so much! I love tong hua!! :D :D :D Thanks for sharing!
downloaded A duo and Michelle & Vickie PVs, I haven't heard any songs from these artists yet but since I love music so much, i'm gonna try them out! :-)

Is it just me or does one of the Michelle/Vickie girls, i'm not sure who's who yet, but one of them looks kinda like the Asian version of Hillary Duff?
>downloaded A duo and Michelle & Vickie PVs, I haven't heard any songs from these artists yet but since I love music so much, i'm gonna try them out! :-)

YAY for you!!! I love track 3 on A duo's album (though the tap dancing is weird). I saw her on a (Chinese) New Year Special Event performing the song, and absolutely had to find out more about her. I realise now that I should have compared her to Landy in my comments ... but I was listening to track 3, and watching Stefanie Sun when I made that comparison. :P

As for the Michelle & Vickie girls, are you talking about the girl with the straight hair (not curly)? Yeah, she does look like someone, but I can't really say that Hillary Duff was the first name to pop up in my head. Actually, I kind of thought she looked like a younger version of Stefanie. Man, I think I've got Stefanie on the brain.

btw, where do you get your avatars? That cow and penguin are so cute!

I love tracks 2 & 5! *sighs* Her voice's so pretty! I love the piano in the last song's too! I wish I could play the piano but nooooo, I just HAD to learn the violin instead, lol.

Haha, yea, she had the straight hair, I don't know what I was talking about when I mentioned Hillary Duff, I think it was the bangs, hairstyle, lol. She looks wayyyy better than Hillary Duff, she doesn't have all those stuff under her eyes or those BIG broad shoulders. I don't know about her looking like a younger version of Stefanie though, :-P

I got my avatars from a friend, the Cows and Penguins come in sets of 4. I had 8 choices to choose from and only 3 slots for lj! *pouts* I resized 1 cow & 2 penguins cause i'm in a penguin war with a friend and I wasn't giving up my cow! lol.
mooched michael wong's mv -the first time- since i already have the other one. much thanx~
I'm getting the two albums. Thank you!
hi~! i dled the tong hua mv. i love that song...it's so pretty...aaanyways thanks so much!!!
DLed A Duo's album. Thank you ^_^
=D Yay!!! You are so awesome. Watching Tong Hua right now... so sad! =[ poor boy. He looks so out of it during most all of it.
Am downloading the others too. =]
M: (thoughts) Holy cow! So heavy! (or, "how can she be so heavy?!")
G: (thoughts) (again, she's speaking either dialect, or another language) <= sounds like "baka", or stupid? but Japanese? >< I don't understand her either.
yeah, I thought it was baka too, ... but the characters are ... -throws hands up in the air-

I just don't know.

>< I don't understand her either.

good, I'm not the only one. I swear, by the end of that MV, I was really hoping Michael would uncharacteristically pull out a gun and shoot the girl dead. I mean, he likes her, I get it. What I don't get is 'why'. She's so, so, ... urgh! LOL, I like it in Tong Hua where Michael is helping the girl move house, and they collapse on the couch and she's breathing hard. The part I like is when she catches him staring at her heaving bosoms. LOLOL!

Grabbed 阿朵's album :3 thank you~
took a-duo and di yi ci, thanks =D
Hi, just wanted to say I dl a-duo, mika nakashima, and the Michael First Time PV :P That's one of my favorite PVs ever, and I've been looking for it ^^ Also, just wanted to help you translate the rest of the dialogue. The reason why what she says doesn't match the text is because she is speaking in Taiwanese, and therefore in the side the captions give you phonetic pronounciations of the Taiwanese.

G: (... um, I have no idea what she says, it sounds like, "you're wrong", but the characters don't match). {The girl actually says cua sai here, is the closest pinyin I can probably do :P It's a slang way to say "I was so surprised", or if you roughly translate it from Taiwanese, "I just almost crapped in my pants."}

G: I've lost. I'm out of love. (this phrase is hard to translate, basically she's just been dumped.) {Actually, in this first line, she says I lost my job. In the second line, she actually says I'm out of love... they sound very similiar. Michael is surprised by her slip-up the second time.}

G: (thoughts) (no idea what she says, sounds like "he made a mistake again, that idiot", but again the characters don't match). {Again she says the same Taiwanese saying up top "He surprised me"}

G: (thoughts) (oh for f***'s sake! I can't understand her. Someone else translate her lines, please!) {Mai gei, which means, stop pretending, or has a connotation of stop acting [pretentious]}

G: (thoughts) (again, she's speaking either dialect, or another language) {She says idiot, or rather in Japanese, baka. If you look at the caption, it says rou tui, which means leg of meat, and in taiwanese you prounounce that as ba ka. A lot of Taiwanese slang has Japanese mixed into it.}

Hope that helps :)
OMG! Thank you so much!!!

yeah, I saw the characters (in the baka one), and I thought "I don't get it, leg of meat ... wtf???"

As for the "I've lost" line. I thought she said:

wo shi le. wo shi lian. (sorry, rough pinyin) ... I thought the second line was an extension of the first???

Again, thanks for the info. I owe you one. Any requests? (Sorry, my playlist isn't up yet. Just throw an artist or song name at me and I'll see if I've got it. LOL)

Ah, sorry to confuse you on the lost line :x Yes, she does say
Wo shi le, wo shi ye. (I lost it, I lost my job.) When I was talking about the second line, I had meant like 2 minutes later after she's gotten drunk and she basically says the same line again (right before she says I'm going home), except this time she "slips-up" and replaces ye with lian. Wheeee~

And I will have to take you up on the request offer later... Have to think about what I've been craving for lately :P Thanks muchly~
oh, um you could upload eVonne's "ai qing kang ti" + "happy" mv's for me pleeaze? XD
LOL, ironically, I don't think I have either MV. Unless by "happy", you mean, "xing fu"?

I have:
Shei Pa Shei (who's afraid of who) ... a kind of kill bill spoof.
Gu Dan Ba Lei (lonely ballet) ... a cover of Lee Jung Hyun's "Mi Chyo"
Da Feng Chui (blowing gale) ... not the concert clip (which I also have)
Xing Fu (happiness)
Qi Yue Qi Ri Qing (7/7 love)
Kuai Le Kao Zi Ji (happiness depends on me)

... I think that's it.

oh, it's not "xing fu". the title is really "happy", in english.
thanx anyway for trying to help! really appreciated. X]
omg, I love your icon! It's Shawn Yue, isn't it?

Just replying to let you know I found the two MVs you're looking for. Will upload them, sometime this weekend.

yeah, it's shawn, lol. many peeps have been commenting about it. ^ ^ '''
anywayz, really? you could upload them for me? how nice of you. > < ;;;

you don't know how happy i am coz it took me forever to find them!
i owe you big time. perhaps i can repay you some way?

here are several chinese mv's i have in my collection:

4 in love - 1001 wishes
4 in love - destined
angela zhang - can't quiet down [starring shawn yue]
boy'z - making the best out of a bad situation
coco lee - dao da man
david tao - haven't gone home today
david tao - ji mo de ji jie
david tao - jiu shi ai ni
david tao - runaway
david tao - the moon represents my heart
edison chen - angel
edison chen - i never told you
edison chen - purposely
edison chen - rumours
edison chen - telephone
edison chen - you
edison chen [ft. stephy tang] - blue skies
elva hsiao - a crush on the dj
elva hsiao - because you...
elva hsiao - his and her story [starring daniel wu]
elva hsiao - subway [movie version]
elva hsiao - subway [mv version]
elva hsiao & blue - u make me wanna
energy - boom
energy - come on
energy - let go
energy - more than words
energy - wu xie ke ji
energy - ying zai fei [silver hawk theme]
energy - you better not come home
gigi leung - hui xian mu ma de zhong duan
gigi leung - two people's luck
jay chou - drifting [initial d movie song]
jay chou - the road north [initial d movie song]
jaycee fong - i like listening to your voice
jill hsu - without you each day
jj lin - after a thousand years
jj lin - bullet train
jj lin - distance
jj lin - journey
jj lin - mummy
jj lin - no. 89757
jj lin - scared
jj lin - second haven
jj lin - soybean cruller
jj lin - take it easy [with ktv]
jj lin & jin sha - bei feng chui guo de xia tian
jolin tsai - du zhan shen hua
jolin tsai, snoopy, jay chou - prague square
jolin tsai - say i love you
jones shi - firelight
jones shi & shin - ai zhong fei hang
kenny kwan - breakups aren't to be sorry for
melody chiang - that year's love letter
miriam yeung & tony leung - fragment of a star [sound of colors theme]
nanquan mama - childhood
nanquan mama - home
nanquan mama - vanilla puff
nicholas tse - revelation
nicholas tse - traffic jam
penny tai - it's you
s.h.e. - a distant place
s.h.e. - for me, it's more than one
s.h.e. - happy message
s.h.e. - loves
s.h.e. - migrating bird
s.h.e. - riverside park
s.h.e. - ten opponents
s.h.e. - the lover isn't stuffed yet
s.h.e. - tropical rainforest
s.h.e. - winter love song
s.h.e. - yes, i love you [with ktv]
shawn yue - brand new
shawn yue - south fist
shawn yue - the survivor
stephanie sun - coincidentally meeting [turn left, turn right theme]
stephanie sun - wishing you happiness
stephy tang - walking over a green hill
toro guo - forgotten love
toro guo - storm
toro guo & yan xingshu - the perfect one
twins - half girl
twins - invincible
twins - mice love rice
twins - no tears in moscow
twins - starlight amusement park
twins - trainee cupid
wang leehom - a simple song
wang leehom - astrology
wang leehom - bamboo forest
wang leehom - dream again
wang leehom - forever love
wang leehom - i'm lovin' it [mcdonald's song]
wang leehom - in that faraway place
wang leehom - no other couple can equal us
wang leehom - w-h-y
wang leehom - wrong love
wilber pan - can't help but love
wilber pan - wuha!
wilber pan - wo de mic

if you'd like anything, please, feel free to tell me and i will gladly upload 'em for ya. > ^
ooh, I can see a whole bunch that I'd like. will request them at another time when I've burnt off the MVs on my harddrive.

oh, in case you miss it, I uploaded the MVs on cpop, and not on this comm. It's just that with this comm, I want to start doing things properly, like include Yesasia.com links and pictures and characters. Whereas on Cpop, I can do a half-assed job and not feel guilty.



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