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MV goodness: SHE, Cyndi, Fish, FIR, Coco.

Oh wow, I remembered to update!

ARTIST: S.H.E. (女朋友)
SONG: 他还是不懂. (ta hai shi bu dong/he still doesn't understand)
SIZE: 48.1 MB
I love this KTV if only because it's like a little story. And the ending's so sad!!! There's speaking bits as the story unfolds. I've managed to loosely translate most of it (see cut), but the Japanese speaking bits without Chinese subtitles were difficult.

Guy waiting at train stop. Looks around the room, like he's searching for someone. He takes out his mobile phone and puts it to his ear. Ella's phone starts ringing.

(E for Ella, H for Him)

E: 喂? (Wei?/Hello?)
H: 喂? 你是Ella小姐吗? (Wei? Ni shi Ella-san ma?/Hello? Is this Ella-san?)
E: 嗯. 我就是. (En. Wo jiu shi./Mmmhmm. I am she.)
H: 你在不在? (Ni zai bu zai?/Have you arrived?) ... more literally it's "you here or not?", except the phrase is casual and not as rude as it sounds in English.
E: 我在啊. (Wo zai ah./I have.) ... "I'm here."
H: 你在哪里啊? (Ni zai na li ah?/Where are you?)
E: 我在车站. (Wo zai che zhan./I'm at the train station.)

Ella turns around. It's the guy.

E: Domo-san?
H: Ella-san!?!
E: Oh!

Scene change. Ella's on the phone and she's talking in Japanese. There's Chinese subtitles.

亲爱的. 我好想你. (qin ai de. wo hao xiang ni./Beloved. I really miss you.) ... the first part could also be translated as "dearest". The second part could also be translated as "I'm thinking about you a lot".
为什么你都不懂? (wei shenme ni dou bu dong?/Why don't you understand anything?)
我爱你的心. (wo ai ni de xin./I love your heart.)
我真的,好爱你. (wo zheng de, hao ai ni./I really, really love you.)

Scene change. He's driving her home (wherever that is) from the train station. It's quiet and he looks over and asks:

H: 你没事吧? (ni mei shi ba?/Are you all right?)
E: 我怎么又把台北的雨带来? (wo zen me you ba taipei de yu dai lai?/How come I still managed to bring Taipei's rainy weather with me?) ... urgh, this sentence is difficult to translate though the meaning's clear. If anyone wants, could they please fix this up for me or let me know if it's okay?

Scene change. They talk in Japanese in this one (without subtitles), so I couldn't figure out the whole conversation.

He's sitting at a table, writing. Ella comes over and tries to get his attention. She sits down and manages to get his attention before taking a look at what he's doing. My apologies for not being able to post up the Japanese characters.

E: Kirei! (Cool)
E: Postocardo. (Postcards) ... She flips it over and starts reading, but then realises what she's doing.
E: Sumi-masen. (Sorry. ... although I've seen it translated as "excuse me" as well.)
H: Daijobu ... and then something I can't catch. (It's okay ... I'd love it if someone could tell me what he says.)


ARTIST: 王心凌 (wang xin ling/Cyndi Wang)
SONG: Honey
SIZE: 9.32 MB
She's so cute! Although I think her 跷跷板 (qiao qiao ban/seesaw) MV is much cuter. But in here she dances in an army uniform! So cute!

ARTIST: 梁靜茹 (liang jing ru/Fish Leong)
SONG: 燕尾蝶 (yan wei die/Wings of Love)
SIZE: 13.5 MB
Um, this is a really, really, really weird MV. But the music is gorgeous. In fact, I saw this MV and really listened to the music and absolutely fell in love with her voice. Ironically, I went home to discover that I had the album which has this song -- I'd bought the CD ages ago when my cousin recommended her to me. I'd bought it but hadn't opened the CD until a month later when I saw this MV.

The MV sorta follows a story. But it's kinda abstract. If anyone knows what's going on, please reply and let me know? Also, does anyone know what's up with her name? I'd thought her name was Jasmine, until I saw the album cover which said Fish. Which reminds me, although the song and album title literally translate to swallow-tailed butterfly, on the covers the title is listed as Wings of Love. Heehee, just covering my translating butt.

ARTIST: F.I.R. (fei er yue tuan/飞儿乐团)
SONG: 千年之恋 (qian nian zi lian/thousand year's love)
SIZE: 6.88 MB
Okay, as much as I love their music (though, the second album is really weird, but listenable), their MVs are boring. They're pretty much there singing. This one (sorry for the poor quality) is very pretty but it's her singing, them playing their instruments, and the only interesting parts are too short and make no sense -- nomadic dancers standing on mounds of sand. Oh well, I thought someone might like it.

ARTIST: 李玟 (li wen/Coco Lee)
SONG: Magic Words (ai qing mi yu/爱情密语)
SIZE: 5.3 MB
Right, since all the commenters took either SHE or Coco, I figured I'd do Coco again. This PV is for an English single that I assume is from her Exposed album. The song is a rather generic ballad -- I didn't like the song. The PV itself is all right, still, not all that creative. I'm sorry, but I think Coco's best was when she did her Promise album. I <3 that album. Oh, and thanks to zhongwenmp3 for correcting the mistake I did with Coco's name on the last update. ^_^

NEXT UPDATE: Artist KTV Special (see poll below); as well as the MV for one of my favourite songs -- "Happy Days" by Yu Zheng, which I was going to update I swear, but runaway_angel beat me to posting the mp3 at cpop. And lyric translation for Angela Chang's Mama Mama, and Yu Zheng's Happy Days.

POLL: Next update will either be an Angela Chang special, featuring MVs for songs from her Aurora album. OR if you prefer it'll be a Will Pan special -- random collection of KTVs.

Go vote and comment!

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