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me so tired!

I WILL do a proper update ... when I get to uni and have access to their high speed *heart*iness

In the meantime to tide things over:

Song: Time to Say Goodbye
Performer: Andrea Bocelli & Sarah Brightman
File: MP3, loaded at YouSendIt. Have no idea how big it is, I'm guessing 3-4megs.
Style: Classical
Comments: I'm a classical lover, so this is all I have to say: *heart*.

In other news, I've downloaded in its entirety, the new Stephanie Sun album. I *heart* the lyrics, and will attempt some translations plus uploading samples. But credit and thanks must and should go to chinesepopmusic. Let him/her know that he/she is WONDERFUL!


P.S. I haven't slept for at least 23 hours ... forgive the rambliness.
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