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An Asian Music LJ

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

2:01AM - Deleting these!

This is a hasty update. Basically, I need to delete a bunch of files from my comp, to make room for more files. So the bad news is this: I WILL NOT re-up these files (which is why I'm using Rapidshare for the longer time, but DO NOT complain to me about slow download times, I can't control that). The good news is that you get a bunch of musical goodness that I would probably take the next 10 years to upload around the place.

INSTRUCTIONS ON USING RAPIDSHARE: If you've used rapidshare before, proceed to the files. If you haven't, you'll probably be confused. But luckily it's not difficult to use. Once you click on the link provided, a page will open up, go down and click on the FREE button. This will open up to the download page. Scroll down. You will have to wait as the server lines it up for downloading. But that's it. That's all you have to know.

Artist: LexyCollapse )

Artist: Tanya Chua
KTV: My Colour TV Set; 43.9MB MPEG file.
Comment: I love Tanya. She has an awesome voice and is very talented -- she wrote the English lyrics and the melody for this song. I put up the song file at cpop, and forgot to put up the KTV. Here it is. Favourite line: What is it about those pretty boys? HAHAHAHA, is love! Seriously get this if you love Tanya. I'm looking forward to buying her "Jupiter" album after sampling it online. She's just so incredibly talented.

Artist: Coco Lee
Song: So CrazyCollapse )

Artist: At17
Album: Meow Meow MeowCollapse )

Finally, two random songs that I transferred from my old dilapidated computer.

Akeboshi - Hey There ... Akeboshi are the group (or is the guy?) that sings the ending theme: Wind, for Naruto. I heard that the Cartoon Network as done Naruto up for American consumption and those who've seen the commercials are cringing. See here. (Japanese; 5.02MB; MP3 file.)

m-flo loves YOSHIKA - let go ... m-flo is love. This song is a lot slower than their usual fare, but the lyrics are still so touching. I love it. In fact, I love all of m-flo's stuff. If you ever want to make me happy, send me an m-flo song or MV. (Japanese; 5.47MB; MP3 file.)

That's all folks!


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Saturday, July 16, 2005

4:35PM - music video

Movie: Mulan
Song: Reflection
Artist: Coco Lee
Language: Mandarin
File: Music Video (.wmv)
Size: 11.2 MB
Hosted: YSI
Download: Coco Lee - Reflection
Comments: The best thing about this music video are the shots from Mulan (although there isn't enough of the movie in here to my satisfaction). The fake scene/backdrop that Coco sings in ... well, it's up to an individual's tastes. I don't mind it.




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Saturday, July 2, 2005

7:02PM - Non-update Update Part 1.

I know I said that I wouldn't update until the end of the year, but this isn't exactly an update.

You have my old crappy computer to thank for the next couple of uploads here.

Said old crappy computer is about to explode on me. Unfortunately I have tonnes of music and some videos on the beast. What makes everything infinitely worse is that it doesn't have a working USB drive, nor a burner. So the only way to transfer all that music is ...

You guessed it, through the internet.

Now, since it'd be a pity to waste all the links, I'm sharing the love here.

On to the music!

albums: A duo & Coco LeeCollapse )

videos: Michael Wang; Michelle & Vickie; and Nakashima MikaCollapse )

More to come in Part 2: JJ Lin MVs, eVonne Hsu MVs, G.O.D songs, and more.


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Thursday, May 26, 2005

9:52PM - Update: Yu Heng and Angela Chang

This is the last time that I'll be updating for this year. I might randomly post up a song here and there on other communities but don't count on something for here soon.

Anyway, on with the update! All links are You Send It.

SONG: Happy Day
ARTIST: 宇恒 (yu heng)
DOWNLOAD: MP3 (5.00MB); WMV (9.72MB)
OMG, this song is so incredibly cute! I've been wanting to post it up for ages! Though runaway_angel and str4wberrylover beat me to it @ cpop. Oh well, the best I can do is contribute a translation of the lyrics which will show you just how cute the song is. The MV is just as adorable -- everyone's upset at first but things get better! And the moves Yu Heng uses to dance to the song is just so cute! Warning, if you're allergic to cute, sugary, feel-good, lovey-dovey songs, this download is not for you.
LYRICS: Yu Heng - Happy DayCollapse )

SONG: Mama Mama
ARTIST: 张韶涵 (zhang shao han/Angela Chang)
DOWNLOAD: WMA (3.46MB); WMV (9.46MB)
I absolutely love this song! It’s so ass-kickingly funky. Unfortunately the MV for it is not as creative. Though, I must say that the Snow White theme is kinda cool (but a bit creepy). This is definitely not one of the best MVs from her Aurora album, but it’s okay. Mostly because she’s got a cool dress and her (pretend) playing the guitar is so cute; the ending is also sweet despite the trippy creepiness of the rest of the MV. Love the apple milk. Mama Mama is the first track on the album.
LYRICS: Angela Chang - Mama MamaCollapse )

SONG: 欧若拉 (ou ruo la/Aurora)
ARTIST: 张韶涵 (zhang shao han/Angela Chang)
This song is the second and title track of this album and the MV of it, is one of my favourites. It’s gorgeous and has very much a fantasy kind of feel. I wish I knew what she was saying at the beginning. At first I thought it may have been Japanese or even Korean, but I can’t help but think it might be a Tibetan dialect instead; should anyone have the Chinese characters for her spoken part, I’d be happy to translate it. If you’re going to download only one MV from this bunch, get this one!

SONG: 手心的太阳 (shou xin de tai yang/hand palm’s sun)
ARTIST: 张韶涵 (zhang shao han/Angela Chang)
This is track 3 off of the album. It’s a typical ballad and I wasn’t too impressed with it until I saw the MV. If you like MVs with plot, this is definitely for you; particularly if you’re into teenage high school drama. Angela’s cute in her school uniform, and the guy of interest is Yummy!!! This is definitely a must-see download. If only because you need to see him save her from being gang-raped and drive them both to safety on his motorcycle and then goes to defend her honor yet again. In fact, this MV should be watched more than once, like a really cool movie. The only drawback is Angela’s talking at the beginning (which makes you feel a little lost if you don’t understand it). Here’s a loose translation: Read more...Collapse )

SONG: 猜不透 (cai bu tou/can’t guess right)
ARTIST: 张韶涵 (zhang shao han/Angela Chang)
This is so sad! It’s a bit of a depressing ballad. While I didn’t pay attention to the lyrics, I got the impression that it’s on a slightly suicidal note. But perhaps that’s my overactive imagination. If you like looking at Angela’s face, there’s lots of face shots here, but for about 50% of the time, she’s crying. She’s crying so much that I even thought that this was the sequel to the previous MV. This is track 9 of the album. Not a recommended MV.

SONG: 静不下来 (jing bu xia lai/can’t calm down)
ARTIST: 张韶涵 (zhang shao han/Angela Chang)
This song is funky and fun. It’s track 10 off of the album and it’s about the world around us and how it’s kinda all stressed and can’t calm down (though at times she seems to be making a joke of it all). There’s more to it than that but that’s just a brief idea. The MV is gorgeous. Though, I think I’m only saying that because there’s this really hot guy in it and he and Angela are fighting. It’s so cute! They’re like an old married couple. I think the guy is Shawn Yue (sorry, don’t know the characters for his name), he’s one of the most popular young actors in HK at the moment, he played the young counterpart of Tony Leung’s character in Infernal Affairs 2.

SONG: 快乐崇拜 (kuai le chong bai/celebrating happiness)
ARTIST: 张韶涵 (zhang shao han/Angela Chang), and 潘玮柏 (pan wei bo/Wilber Pan)
Haha! I snuck Wilber in here! I love this guy, he seriously reminds me of an Asian Will Smith, or something. This song is track 11 on Aurora. Though it is on Angela’s album, she’s pretty much reduced to lead back-up singer. Will pretty much does most of the singing/rapping, but in the MV you see the two interacting and can I just say that Angela is HOT! She’s so petite and cute! She looks positively elfin, man, I wish I could be as cute and hot as she is. Though, I think she looks equally hot in all the previous MVs.

Until next time!

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Saturday, April 9, 2005

4:21PM - MV goodness: SHE, Cyndi, Fish, FIR, Coco.

Oh wow, I remembered to update!

ARTIST: S.H.E. (女朋友)
SONG: 他还是不懂. (ta hai shi bu dong/he still doesn't understand)
SIZE: 48.1 MB
I love this KTV if only because it's like a little story. And the ending's so sad!!! There's speaking bits as the story unfolds. I've managed to loosely translate most of it (see cut), but the Japanese speaking bits without Chinese subtitles were difficult. TranslationsCollapse )

ARTIST: 王心凌 (wang xin ling/Cyndi Wang)
SONG: Honey
SIZE: 9.32 MB
She's so cute! Although I think her 跷跷板 (qiao qiao ban/seesaw) MV is much cuter. But in here she dances in an army uniform! So cute!

ARTIST: 梁靜茹 (liang jing ru/Fish Leong)
SONG: 燕尾蝶 (yan wei die/Wings of Love)
SIZE: 13.5 MB
Um, this is a really, really, really weird MV. But the music is gorgeous. In fact, I saw this MV and really listened to the music and absolutely fell in love with her voice. Ironically, I went home to discover that I had the album which has this song -- I'd bought the CD ages ago when my cousin recommended her to me. I'd bought it but hadn't opened the CD until a month later when I saw this MV.

The MV sorta follows a story. But it's kinda abstract. If anyone knows what's going on, please reply and let me know? Also, does anyone know what's up with her name? I'd thought her name was Jasmine, until I saw the album cover which said Fish. Which reminds me, although the song and album title literally translate to swallow-tailed butterfly, on the covers the title is listed as Wings of Love. Heehee, just covering my translating butt.

ARTIST: F.I.R. (fei er yue tuan/飞儿乐团)
SONG: 千年之恋 (qian nian zi lian/thousand year's love)
SIZE: 6.88 MB
Okay, as much as I love their music (though, the second album is really weird, but listenable), their MVs are boring. They're pretty much there singing. This one (sorry for the poor quality) is very pretty but it's her singing, them playing their instruments, and the only interesting parts are too short and make no sense -- nomadic dancers standing on mounds of sand. Oh well, I thought someone might like it.

ARTIST: 李玟 (li wen/Coco Lee)
SONG: Magic Words (ai qing mi yu/爱情密语)
SIZE: 5.3 MB
Right, since all the commenters took either SHE or Coco, I figured I'd do Coco again. This PV is for an English single that I assume is from her Exposed album. The song is a rather generic ballad -- I didn't like the song. The PV itself is all right, still, not all that creative. I'm sorry, but I think Coco's best was when she did her Promise album. I <3 that album. Oh, and thanks to zhongwenmp3 for correcting the mistake I did with Coco's name on the last update. ^_^

NEXT UPDATE: Artist KTV Special (see poll below); as well as the MV for one of my favourite songs -- "Happy Days" by Yu Zheng, which I was going to update I swear, but runaway_angel beat me to posting the mp3 at cpop. And lyric translation for Angela Chang's Mama Mama, and Yu Zheng's Happy Days.

POLL: Next update will either be an Angela Chang special, featuring MVs for songs from her Aurora album. OR if you prefer it'll be a Will Pan special -- random collection of KTVs.

Go vote and comment!


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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

5:44PM - MV goodness (edited)

-is so embarrased-

I'd promised surrel at everdrifting to have SHE's Remember (KTV) up last week, and well, here I am updating this week instead.

Oh well, better late than never. :D

SONG: Remember
LANGUAGE: Mandarin, with English in the chorus.
SIZE: 32.7 MB

Apparently this is a cover of Sweetbox's Superstar. While the melody is dead-on the same (you'll notice this particularly when you listen to the intro), the lyrics are at opposite ends. While Sweetbox is all ass-kickin', arrogant-men-deserve-to-die attitude; SHE is all please-please-remember-me-and-never-ever-forget-me sweetness.

Still, it features a classical piece as the template on which the song is built, so I'm not too fussed. Though I'm going mad trying to figure out what the original piece is called.

ARTIST: Shinhwa
SONG: T.O.P. (Twinkling of Paradise)
LANGUAGE: Korean, with English mixed in.
SIZE: 20.1 MB

This song (in it's purrty MV form) has been uploaded because like Superstar and Remember, it is based on the same classical piece, though the original song has been more diluted in this remix with modern beats and funky rap. The dancing's pretty eye candy too!

ARTIST: DBSK (I'm never sure of the correct spelling, so I've always taken the coward's way out and initialised it).
SONG: Tri-angle
SIZE: 16.4 MB

This MV is uploaded because (1) the intro is based on a classical piece like the previous two MVs, and (2) because the Mandarin version of this song has been floating around cpop for the past week. Listening to the Mandarin version is BIZARRE! Because their enunciation is rather good (with the exception of BoA, who sounds like a hag), but in places, they soften the vowels of the word so that they're kinda giving it a Korean pronounciation. It's bizarre. I thought I was listening to the Korean version (because of their accents) until they started to sing more clearly and then I could tell that it was actually Mandarin they were singing.

ARTIST: Coco Lee (Li Mei)
SONG: No Doubt
SIZE: 9.11 MB

This is completely unrelated. But it's posted up here, ... well, because I wanted to. ^_^

Anyway, this is Coco's new single, from her upcoming English album "Exposed". Though I'm not sure what it is she really intends to expose -- her booty or her voice. I think/hope it's her booty, because her voice is starting to be even more annoying than usual (my personal opinion). Though this MV is purrty, b/c the colours are all vibrant and sexily Arabesque.

ARTIST: F.I.R. (fei er yue tuan)
SONG: qian nian zi lian (thousand year love)
LANGUAGE: Mandarin
... I do not possess the MV (I wish I did), but here's the link where you can access a snippet of it. So purrty.
... If your connection's too slow, content yourself with these promotional posters/pictures for their upcoming album "Infinite". They're basically taken from the MV.

I hope you all enjoy this update.


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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

11:56AM - mini-update

because I'm in the mood, I shall update. But it's only a small one.

Dedicated to surrel at tennyonokoe.

Song: Revolution
Artist: F.I.R.
Genre: Rock/Pop (mostly rock, though)
File: Music Video
Format: MPEG
Size: 43MB

The song is on the tennyonokoe mp3 rotation, this week. I thought I'd contribute by hosting up the MV for this fantastic song. If you haven't heard anything by F.I.R., you're so missing out.

That's all folks!

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Thursday, January 20, 2005

3:10PM - WHEE! Update!

OMG?!?! Can it be true? I'm actually updating?

Well, mostly MVs.

Artist ... SHE
Song ... luo da yu (Raining Hard)
Size ... 42.6MB
Format ... MPEG

This MV is hilarious! Hebe as a man with an Afro. I got this off of a karaoke disk, the music quality is fairly good, but the singing text is large on the screen, but it doesn't obscure too much of the action -- though I thought I should warn everyone that it's not the best since the text is fairly large. But it's so worth downloading (if you have a fast connection), just to see Hebe. And the song is so cute! It's very sugary and pop. The lyrics are so cute! "I'm waiting for my hubby to come home. I bought him instant noodles for us to share." ... teeheehee. Hubby. Yeah, that's right, Hebe's character is married/coupled with Selina's character. The only odd thing about this song is that when they sing the phrase "luo da yu", it comes out as "lo da ho" ... does anyone know if this is Cantonese? Cause the rest of the song is proper Mandarin and English. Or maybe it's dialect like in Stef Sun's "Tian Hei Hei", which becomes pronounced as "ti o o".

Artist ... SHE
Song ... Super Star
Size ... MB
Format ... 32.6MPEG

Oh man! I LOVE this song. The MV in itself isn't as fantastic as the first one, but it is pretty cool. Still, I love this song. It's the catchy chorus: "You are electricity, you are light. (I forgot the next line), I only love you. You are my Super Star." Then there's another bit, where they go, "You are god. I worship you ... (something something)." Anyway it's so catchy that you'll be bopping along in no time. It's pop, but with a harder edge like rock or something. Whereas the first one is just cute and fluffy, but also boppable.

Artist ... Angela Chang (sorry, too lazy to put up her Chinese name)
Song ... Mama Mama
Size ... 3.46MB
Format ... WMA

This song is the first track on her Aurora album. It's so cool! I love it to pieces. It's the chorus that really gets you, as well as the speaking part at the end. Angela's basically saying "Mama, stop nagging me. Go find yourself another hobby.*" It's pop -- but in a retro rock kind of way. By the way, while I was in the store, I saw that she had released another album or something. Anyway, there was a track there titled as: Ni Hao, Zhou Jie Lun (i.e. Hello, Jay Zhou). Does anyone know of this track? It's pretty old. If you have it, please send it to me? I think it's supposed to be a spoof or something.

*Go find yourself another hobby, is a loose translation. The text more correctly should be translated to go find yourself something else to do, but I figure hobby sounds better, plus, it rhymes with me.

That's all folks!

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Thursday, November 4, 2004

6:17AM - me so tired!

I WILL do a proper update ... when I get to uni and have access to their high speed *heart*iness

In the meantime to tide things over:

Song: Time to Say Goodbye
Performer: Andrea Bocelli & Sarah Brightman
File: MP3, loaded at YouSendIt. Have no idea how big it is, I'm guessing 3-4megs.
Style: Classical
Comments: I'm a classical lover, so this is all I have to say: *heart*.

In other news, I've downloaded in its entirety, the new Stephanie Sun album. I *heart* the lyrics, and will attempt some translations plus uploading samples. But credit and thanks must and should go to chinesepopmusic. Let him/her know that he/she is WONDERFUL!


P.S. I haven't slept for at least 23 hours ... forgive the rambliness.

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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

11:13PM - because I promised

Gomen, gomen! I'm just really busy with too many other projects.

3 songs today:

Artist: Tina
Song: Sunshine Love
Language: Japanese
Format + Size: MP3 ... 4.18MB
Download: HERE
Comments: First heard this song when I was visiting China in 2000. Saw the video clip for it -- basically Tina on a beach, shot in black and white. Fell in love with her voice. Took forever to track down this song. It's the fourth track on her Orario album. It's pop but Tina's gorgeous voice gives it a soul kind of feel -- she sounds deep like Joss Stone, and just as powerful, I'd almost compare her with MISIA. This is posted for kuremachisu.

Artist: Stefanie Sun (Sun Yan Zi ... sorry, can't be bothered doing the chinese characters)
Song: Someone
Language: English
Format + Size: MP3 ... 3.13MB
Download: HERE
Comments: I had the album (forgot which one it was) and this song was the one that struck me the most. Though, I'm not sure if this is a cover of anything. Anyway, it's got an eerie rock feel to it. Love it. Took me ages to find, but am happy to now have the mp3 version. Here be the lyrics.Collapse )

Artist: Stefanie Sun (yes, again) and Kuraki Mai
Song: My Story Your Song
Language: Engrish
Format + Size: MP3 ... 4.24MB
Download: HERE
Comments: This lovely duet was downloaded out of curiosity, and now I'm really glad I did. This song gets so much play on my Winamp. It's rock pop, though the lyrics kind of hint at folk. Great to sing along to, and their accents, while noticeable, aren't cringe-worthy. Here be the lyrics.Collapse )

Dear kuremachisu,

I had intended to post up Mavis Fan's I Want Us To Be Together, as well as Valen Hsu's What Dreams May Come, however I could not find my translations for the two songs, so instead I posted Someone and My Story Your Song. As soon as I find the translations, I'll post up the songs, as well as some Origa (Russian singer, compare to Enya) and Quarashi (Swedish rap/rock group).

'til then! Ja ne!


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Saturday, July 3, 2004

10:15PM - Valen Hsu, Gigi Leung, Rip Slyme

Eep! Stupid exams made me neglect my journals. Oh well, two updates today. The second is miscellaneous songs -- I tried to make the songs as varied as possible i.e. all different languages, both male and female, and definitely different types of music.

Enjoy the update!


Artist: 许茹芸 (xu ru yun / Valen Hsu)
Song: 日光机场 (Palace de Sunlight Aiport)
Language: Mandarin
File type: MP3 in a zip file (no password)
Download size: 4.86MB
My Thoughts: For the most part this is a very soft, breezy ballad -- it's almost like she's breathing out the words. The song seems so delicate it makes me think of silver spun spiderwebs. And in places the song swells to a crescendo like a tide coming in and breaking on the shore. This is one of my favourite songs of all time.

Lyrics [in chinese characters]Collapse )


Artist: 梁咏琪 (liang yong qi / Gigi Leung)
Song: 驗光 (Floodlights)
Language: Cantonese
File type: MP3
Download size: 3.82MB
My Thoughts: I love this mid-tempo song. It's so not a ballad but it has that slightly slow and haunting quality. I hate to admit it but the music kind of reminds me of Britney Spears's "Toxic", only in the sense that it's kind of pop/rock. Gigi's voice is as always, rather lovely.

This is the kind of song I'd imagine as being played in a movie scene where the hero is racing away in the dark of night from a big explosion on his super cool, super fast motorbike while the heroine is clinging on to him from behind, her long black hair streaming out as she thinks about how much she loves him but how he doesn't see her as more than a friend/colleague. Yeah, that kind of a song -- wistful thinking, but sexy.


Artist: Rip Slyme
Song: Rakuen Baby
Language: Japanese
File type: MP3
Download size: 4.28MB
My Thoughts: Oh god, this song is so boppy that I have to fight the urge to get up and dance like a maniac. This is a fun summer song. Pop, slightly latino (well, not so much latino but there's maraccas and the beat strongly reminds me of a beach party on some remote Pacific island with white sand and blue waters ... yeah, kinda Hawaiian). The guys can't really sing, but then again, they're mostly rappers, which makes sense since the group was originally Lip's Rhyme.

Great song. Fantastic beat. You'll be playing it over and over again because it's that catchy. Perfect for a summer theme song.

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ End Update ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~

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8:04PM - Cover Songs (3) ... Leon Lai, As One, Angela Chang

*EDIT* ... files removed.

Eep! I didn't mean to neglect my journals -- stupid exams. Oh well, two updates today. The first is another continuation of the cover songs theme. By the way, if you haven't downloaded the previous update's cover songs, they're still available. I recently acquired a new server, so now I can keep the songs on for longer.

Enjoy the update!


Artist: 黎明 (li ming / Leon Lai)
Song: Can't Take My Eyes Off U
Language: Cantonese and English
File type: MP3 in a zip file (no password)
Download size: 3.67MB
My Thoughts: This is a nice, fun track from his album 北京站 (bei jing zhan / Beijing Station). See, I kept my promise and posted this up ^_^. Although, I was saving this for a much later update but the song that I had intended to upload (A-mei's cover of the Whitney Houston song: I Will Always Love You ... y'know the theme song for "The Bodyguard") was on another computer and I didn't want to keep you good people waiting.

Leon's cover is very pop with a groovelicious beat and the backup singers are so cute, especially when they sing: ba-dup ba-dup ba-da-da-dup, as the song leads into the chorus. Speaking of the chorus, it's so catchy and kinda climactic that I just want to launch into it singing "I love you baby!", along with Leon.

Upbeat and fun, definitely something to enter into a summer soundtrack playlist.


Artist: As One
Song: Loving You
Language: English
File type: MP3 in a zip file (no password)
Download size: 3.23MB
My Thoughts: This Korean pop duo have some of the nicest female vocals I have had the pleasure to listen to. And this track, from their (debut?) album "Day By Day" is no exception. The high notes are spot on and the whole song feels so mellow and lovely that I am instantly reminded of a candlelit dinner by a roaring fire-side. Sexy and romantic.

The ballad opens up with keyboard and a nice jazzy sax. The girls's English is excellent (notice the absence of my Engrish joke?), though it's to be expected since they grew up in the States, or so I'm told. Anyway, I love this song. Absolutely ADORE it!!! Download it now!

Perfect as background music for a home cooked dinner with your significant other.


Artist: 张韶涵 (zhang shao han / Angela Chang)
Song: Somewhere Over the Rainbow
Language: English (or Engrish? ~_^)
File type: MP3 in a zip file (no password)
Download size: 4.70MB
My Thoughts: I like this upload except for one thing ... I have no idea who the singer is. I was looking up information on the Chinese movie "The Miracle Box" when Angela's album cover appeared. Thinking that it was the soundtrack, I looked her up and downloaded this nice song. In hindsight, I should have known that it wasn't the soundtrack, I mean one singer for an entire OST?! As if! But in my defense the album cover and the promotional poster for the movie looked similar -- especially Angela's pose and clothes, it's identical to the main actress's pose on the poster.

Anyway, this song, which was also covered by Crystal Kay (Williams) for her fourth album (4Real) is done very nicely and slowly by Angela. While Crystal's cover is more R&B and has a slightly faster beat, Angela's cover is just as nice but much slower and definitely much more like the original song. To be honest though, I like Crystal Kay's version better. This song is a little too ballad-y for me. Angela has a very nice voice and her English is quite excellent but in parts of this song you can just hear hints of an accent. I recommend this song as something to listen to just before going to bed. It's slow and mellow and just makes you want to relax and snuggle with a giant teddy bear.

Dreamy. Easy listening. Something to play on a relaxing Sunday afternoon or while reading quietly.

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ End Update ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~

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Saturday, June 19, 2004

1:17AM - O.o;;; *erk*

I've tried really hard to do this... I hope it somewhat works... I've spent a few hours trying to work this out.

And then something happened and my whole comment went down the drain... let's try it again!(all for your amusement, Wyse!)

Artist: Goddess Fantastic Club
Song: Denwa Shite Gan-Chan
CD: Aa! Megami-sama Tokuten Ou +
Language: Japanese (and Gan-chan speaks his own dialect... it's sort of Japanese)
File type: MP3... it may be zipped? I tried.
File size: 4.23 MB
My thoughts: Umm.. it's very cute and sugary. It's a spoof of the first ending for the Mini Goddess series (or the "Being Small is Convenient!" series ^^;). It's Iwata Mitsuo (Gan-chan... who actually refers to himself by the VA's name in the show), Inoue Kikuo (Belldandy), Hisakawa Aya (Skuld... she also does Mizuno Ami's voice!), and Touma Yumi (Urd). It's not that hard telling which voice is who. But overall, it's rather amusing. Lyrics and translations can be found here. They're so mean to Gan-chan... and he's so gullible.

Artist: Meiko Kaji
Song: The Flower of Carnage
CD: Kill Bill Vol. 1 Original Soundtrack
Language: Japanese
File type: MP3... it may be zipped? I tried.
File size: 3.49 MB
My thoughts: I have no idea what the translations are... I've yet to look them up. But anyway, this is from the end of Vol. 1. I was so disappointed that I didn't see Vol. 2. But back to the music. I liked this song.^^ And it's Asian... so I'm posting it here.

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Thursday, June 17, 2004

2:20AM - Cover Songs (3) ... at17, g.o.d, Leon Lai

*EDIT* ... files removed.

I better get the ball rolling.

Just for kicks, my first music post has the theme: cover songs. The files will be removed at the time of my next post (probably in a month). Hope you like the songs. And remember the rules:

> NO HOTLINKING (If I find or get complaints of hot-linking, I will restrict access to this community.)
> Support the artists! If you like what you hear, buy their albums.
> Leave a comment (this one I'm not too fussed about).


Artist: at17
Song: Can't Get You Out of My Head (lo-fi and mono)
Language: English (or Engrish? ~_^)
File type: MP3 in a zip file (no password)
Download size: 3.41MB
My Thoughts: Well, if you liked the original sung by Kylie Minogue, I doubt you'd like this song. It's just the girls's voices and a guitar and what sounds like a ... bongo drum? So, it's more acoustic than dance. This is a bonus track from their album Meow Meow Meow, which has Cantonese as the predominant language, but there is a track or two in Mandarin. I'll post up the title track to this album later.

Artist: g.o.d (groove overdose, although I've seen it written as groovy overdose)
Song: ? (After You Left Me)
Language: Korean
File type: MP3 in a zip file (no password)
Download size: 3.44MB
My Thoughts: I'm afraid I couldn't find the romanisation of the song name, but I did find the translation of the name along with song lyrics (in Korean), you can read it here. While I'm not entirely sure if it's a cover or not, the melody sounds a lot like the song "Ain't No Sunshine". This is a track from g.o.d's second album: god2.

Artist: ?? (li ming / Leon Lai)
Song: Fly Me to the Moon
Language: English (or Engrish? ~_^)
File type: MP3 in a zip file (no password)
Download size: 2.27MB
My Thoughts: Why does every major (and minor) Asian star have to do a cover of this song? I mean, I love Frank Sinatra and all, but the number of covers of this song by Asian artists is ridiculous. I would like to see one of them do a cover of ... "Witchcraft" for instance. Oh well. I like Leon -- did you know he's a Goodwill Ambassador for UNICEF (United Nations Children's Fund)? Here's the page, in French, and it looks like he either donated or received one and a half million dollars. Anyway, this cover song, along with his cover "Can't Take My Eyes Off U" is on his album ??? (bei jing zhan / Beijing Station). Might post that other song sometime.

That's all folks!

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Wednesday, June 16, 2004

10:25PM - The Beginning!

Hello all and welcome to An Asian Music LJ.

If you're like me, with asian music mp3s to share but can't be bothered to actually set up a separate personal music lj, this is the place to post.

You don't even have to be a member. All you need to do is have an lj account, click the blue pencil icon on the userinfo page for this community and you can post. And you can put up as little as one song or as many as ... well, however many your server can handle.

How easy is that?!

So post away! Go here and read the bio for more information.


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